Expert Neurotoxin Injectors Providing Exceptional Results

Dr. Chernoff and our expert nurse injectors offer all neurotoxin options, including the most complex treatments to make your dream face, body, and skin a reality.

Transform Your Look

Neurotoxin treatments can revitalize your appearance, improve your self-confidence, and improve some health-related concerns. Dr. Chernoff trains doctors and nurses on proper injection techniques.

Our injectors are expertly trained and certified by Dr. Chernoff. Our patients feel confident coming to Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery for their Neurotoxin injections. Our providers do not over-inject. They use precise techniques and placement of neurotoxins to use the least amount to achieve the best result and correction possible.

This helps avoid neurotoxin fatigue or an “over-injected” look.

If you are new to our office or it’s your first neurotoxin treatment at our office, our trained and certified provider will discuss your improvement goals and put a treatment plan together to help achieve them. They will discuss your past neurotoxin treatments, what worked, or what you would like improved.

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