Veins & Lesions

Superficial leg veins, called spider veins, occur when tiny veins congregate below the surface of the skin, causing red, blue or purple discolorations. Some cases of spider veins can be quite small while others are more noticeable. While spider veins are harmless, they may make you feel self-conscious.

If you would like to remove spider veins, whether on the face or legs, spider vein laser removal treatment may be right for you.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins are very common. They are due to blood pooling in the veins near the skin’s surface and are usually red. They are typically found on the legs or the face.

Spider veins can be caused by a variety of factors; including, heredity, obesity, and fluctuations in hormone levels. They tend to become more numerous and prominent with age, and are common among people over thirty and in pregnant women.

A similar condition, varicose veins, can be bluish in color, larger in diameter and look raised from the skin.

What is Spider Vein Removal?

Spider vein laser removal is a safe and effective non-surgical laser treatment. This advanced technological procedure delivers a precise level of energy to the blood vessels of the treatment area, improving the appearance of spider veins and some varicose veins. No anesthetic of any kind is necessary.

Prior to any treatment or procedure, Dr. Chernoff or one of our trained and certified Health Care Providers determine if you are a candidate, review the risk and benefits, and provide all possible treatment alternatives.

How Does Spider Vein Treatment Work?

The newest medical lasers provide safe and effective non-surgical treatment options for the removal of spider veins and some varicose veins. Before the treatment begins, each patient’s skin and medical history will be reviewed in order to determine the severity of the treatment area. Dr. Greg Chernoff, may need to perform some tests if the veins are due to a more serious disorder.

As the treatment begins, light energy will be delivered through a small handpiece to the treatment area. This energy will then be absorbed into the blood and blood vessels of the targeted area, but will not be absorbed into the surrounding tissue. The designated blood vessels will then start to coagulate. Blood flow will be redirected elsewhere in the body and as a result, the veins will begin to deteriorate. Your body will naturally process the deteriorated veins.

What Are the Results of Spider Vein Treatment?

Since every patient is different, results will differ from person to person. It may take 2-3 treatments to get the best possible results. Treatments can be spaced out over a course of 4-6 weeks each.*

Depending on the severity of the blood vessels, some patients may need to wear a support hose to keep pressure on the treatment area. Some patients may experience bruising around the treated area, but this usually fades after the first week. There is no downtime for recovery necessary.*