Submental Liposuction

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There are many reasons why people accumulate fat under the chin, also known as a “double chin,” including weight gain, medications, face and jaw structure, and genetics. Submental liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that removes fat from under the chin. When performed alone, as a single treatment, it’s a short procedure with an easy recovery.

Dr. Chernoff is an expert in performing Submental Liposuction. Dr. Chernoff has performed over 15,000 Submental Liposuction procedures with exceptional results due to his advanced technique. Dr. Chernoff has worked with manufacturers to design cannulas for the submental area that uniformly remove the fat while preserving the surrounding tissue. Additionally, because of Dr. Chernoff’s experience, his removal technique is gentle and precise. This minimizes bruising, swelling, and promotes healing for a faster recovery. Dr. Chernoff’s specialized instrumentation, advanced technique, and experience allow him to create excellent and aesthetically pleasing Submental Liposuction results.


Many men and women come to our Santa Rosa plastic surgery practice with concerns about a double chin, which can be caused by genetics, certain medications, weight gain and loss cycles, normal aging, and/or the patient’s face and jaw structure. Even if not caused by aging, a double chin can often make an individual look older than their actual age.

We perform a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure called Submental Liposuction (submental refers to the area beneath the chin) that can simply and easily eliminate a double chin with minimal bruising and swelling. Our submental liposuction patients enjoy a rapid recovery and beautiful results.

Can Submental Liposuction Be Used in Combination With Other Treatments?

In addition to performing Submental Liposuction alone, Dr. Chernoff combines Submental Liposuction with other procedures to enhance results. The additional combination procedures are: FaceTite RF, Ellevate, Platysmaplasty, Y LIFT, Neck Lift, and Morpheus8.

FaceTite Radiofrequency (RF)

Some patients benefit from adding a radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening treatment with Submental Liposuction. This treatment is performed at the same time as the liposuction and uses an RF probe to shrink the skin under the chin and jawline. Learn more about FaceTite RF.

Ellevate Suture Suspension

If you lack jawline definition or have prominent glands that are interfering with your jawline definition, Dr. Chernoff may recommend Ellevate in combination with your submental Liposuction to provide optimal results. Ellevate is a suture suspension system that is used under the chin to lift and support glands and tissue to provide a defined jawline. Dr. Chernoff performs Ellevate during your Submental Liposuction procedure.

Platysmaplasty – Neck Muscle Tightening

Dr. Chernoff may recommend the tightening and/or repair of the platysma muscle, which is the long muscle structure that runs vertically against the front of the neck. Dr. Chernoff performs his Platysmaplasty procedure through a tiny incision under the chin that is barely visible once healed. Dr. Chernoff’s patients who have the Platysmaplasty benefit from this long-lasting procedure that provides a beautiful, contoured neck and definition under the chin.

Y LIFT Jawline & Chin Enhancement

Dr. Chernoff is among an elite group of surgeons certified to perform the Y LIFT, a procedure to improve the structure and contours of the jaw, chin, and face. This procedure utilizes large molecule dermal fillers precisely injected along the jawbone and chin bone to provide structure and projection. Dr. Chernoff can also improve the contours of the face with the Y LIFT technique.

Morpheous8 – Microneedle RF

For patients who need a small amount of skin tightening under the chin, Dr. Chernoff can perform Morpheus8, a deep Microneedle RF treatment with Submental Liposuction. Morpheus8 can also be continued as a treatment series after submental liposuction to stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity.

Who Is A Candidate For Submental Liposuction?

Patients who are candidates for Submental Liposuction alone have fat under their chin, good skin elasticity, and are interested in only improving the area under the chin. For patients with hanging neck skin, jowls, lost facial volume, and poor skin elasticity, Dr. Chernoff may recommend procedures such as an Endoscopic Neck Lift, Mid-Facelift, or Deep Plane Face & Neck Lift in combination with Submental Liposuction. Dr. Chernoff’s triple board certification and surgical expertise allows him to combine Submental Liposuction with advanced surgical procedures.

How Long Does The Submental Liposuction Procedure Take?

When performed alone, Submental Liposuction will take approximately 1 hour. If a patient has a significant amount of fat or if Dr. Chernoff is also performing other treatments, like Ellevate, Neck Muscle Tightening, or others, the procedure will take longer.

How Will I Feel And Look Immediately After Submental Liposuction?

After Submental Liposuction, patients will immediately notice a beautiful, contoured jawline. After the procedure, patients go home wearing a chin compression garment to assist in healing and improved result. If Submental Liposuction is performed alone, patients will typically experience some bruising and swelling in the days to follow. The amount of swelling is based on the amount of fat removed. The more fat that is removed, the more swelling the patient can expect. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery offers a comprehensive postoperative plan and assists patients immediately after the procedure and in the days, weeks, and months after the procedure to ensure the best possible result.

How Long Is Recovery After Submental Liposuction?

After your Submental Liposuction procedure, you are required to wear the chin compression garment for 1 week. After the first week, you can wear the chin garment at night only. You will have some swelling for several weeks after the procedure. The amount of fat that is removed, your activity level, your diet, and the amount of rest you get will all have an impact on your recovery and the amount of swelling you experience. If you follow our postoperative plan and guide, you will have a faster recovery and less swelling.

Why Select Dr. Greg Chernoff For Your Submental Liposuction Procedure?

Doctors who have specific experience in surgery of the head and neck, preferably facial plastic surgeons or surgeons who are experienced with neck surgery and liposuction of the neck are qualified to perform Submental Liposuction. Dr. Chernoff is a Triple Board-Certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon in practice for 30 years in California. Dr. Chernoff is among an elite group of surgeons who performs Submental Liposuction with multiple combination procedures.

When you come to Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery for your consultation, you will meet with our Patient Coordinators, our experienced nursing staff, and Dr. Chernoff. We will discuss your goals and what you are interested in achieving. We will provide all options and help you decide on a treatment plan. We will photograph you and provide computerized imaging of your anticipated results. Once you decide on the procedure(s), we will schedule your procedure or treatment and start our preoperative process to prepare you for surgery. We are committed to providing safe and exceptional results.