Pigment Removal


Many people are bothered by brown patches, melasma, sunspots, or other unwanted skin pigments on the face and body. Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery offers an array of laser, light and RF technologies which are safe and effective treatments to correct skin pigment concerns. The latest addition to our services is the Tri-Beam laser. This treatment is one option our office uses to help patients with unwanted skin pigment including:

  • Pigmented Brown Spots, Moles, Solar Lentigines, and Café au lait
  • Vascular Lesions: Telangiectasia and Cherry Angioma
  • Melasma and Birth Marks
  • Under Eye Dark Circles: Nevus of Ota
  • Unwanted Tattoos and Permanent makeup

The Tri-Beam treatment is safe for most skin types including darker skin types, brown, olive, and Mediterranean skin. During your consultation, Dr. Greg Chernoff or our Nurse will learn about your goals and explain all treatment options to help you achieve your skin improvement goals.

Tri-Beam Laser’s Advanced Technology

Tri-Beam is a Q-Switched Ng:YAG  based laser which is safe and extremely effective to reduce unwanted pigment. The Fractional Mode minimizes over-treating targeted skin and surrounding tissue and improves conditions such as, Café au lait, Nevus of Ota and Solar Lentigines with a high level of confidence and minimal side-effects. Tri-Beam uses photo-acoustic toning pulse technology which is backed by clinical studies as a safe and effective treatment for Melasma.

How does the treatment feel?
During the treatment, patients will feel a warm sensation on the skin. The treatment is not painful but could be a little red and sensitive after the treatment. If larger areas are being treated or if the area is more sensitive, we will provide ice packs to help with any discomfort after the treatment.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime with this treatment. Our patients may experience mild to moderate redness and usually fades within an hour. There is no downtime and normal activities can be resumed immediately. It is very important to avoid direct sun exposure for a few weeks and to protect your skin with sunblock.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments needed is based on the skin condition being treated and your specific treatment plan. For example, a brown spot that is close to the surface of the skin may take a treatment or two compared to melasma or tattoo removal which may take several treatments. During your consultation, Dr. Chernoff or our Nurse will provide an estimated number of treatments and provide a treatment plan for you. We may also suggest you send photos of your skin concern and we may be able to provide you with an estimate over the phone.

How is the Tri-Beam different from other treatments you offer?

The Tri-Beam is a target treatment to improve areas of pigment with no downtime. Other treatments we offer such as DOT Laser that improve skin pigment, also improve skin texture, acne, scars, and other skin imperfections. DOT Laser settings can be adjusted to provide either a deep skin renewal treatment or a less invasive treatment with less downtime and less improvement for patients with less pigmented skin types and tones. Aerolase also addresses pigment and can be used on most skin types and tones. Aerolase requires multiple treatments and has no downtime. During your consultation, we will explain all options to accomplish your skin improvement goals.

Prior to any treatment or procedure, Dr. Chernoff or one of our trained and certified Health Care Providers determine if you are a candidate, review the risk and benefits, and provide all possible treatment alternatives.