Breast Augmentation Santa Rosa

Why Choose a Breast Augmentation in Santa Rosa?

Factors such as aging, genetics, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and breastfeeding can lead to changes in the appearance of women's breasts. Women dealing with small, asymmetrical, or drooping breasts may experience a lack of confidence in their physical appearance.

Breast augmentation offers a solution by rejuvenating the breasts, achieving balance, and often boosting self-esteem in many women. It stands as a highly sought-after, secure, and successful method of enhancing one’s figure.

With Dr. Greg Chernoff's extensive experience and advanced approach to breast implant surgery, patients can expect to achieve reshaped and augmented breasts with results that appear natural and harmonious.

What Is a Santa Rosa Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation, often referred to as a "boob job," enhances the size, feel, and appearance of your breasts. Dr. Chernoff will explore the different implant options with you to find the best match for your needs.

It's important to distinguish between a mammoplasty and a mastopexy (breast lift). Unlike a mammoplasty, a mastopexy raises the breasts without changing their size, making it ideal for lifting breasts that have sagged due to breastfeeding, weight loss, or early aging.

Considering Breast Augmentation?

Many women feel self-conscious about the size or shape of their breasts, experiencing discomfort and a lack of confidence as a result. Issues such as difficulty finding well-fitting clothes and dissatisfaction with appearance in swimwear and tight clothing are common concerns. Reasons you might think about breast augmentation include:

  • Breasts that are small or have begun to sag
  • A wish for more symmetrical breasts
  • Noticeable size difference between breasts
  • Changes in breast size or shape due to weight fluctuations, aging
  • Alterations following pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Reconstruction post-mastectomy
  • The aim for a rejuvenated, fuller appearance
  • The desire for clothes to fit better, boosting self-esteem
  • Gender affirmation procedures (Surgical Services)

In your first meeting, we'll go over your medical and surgical history in detail and discuss the potential advantages and risks associated with breast enhancement surgery. Book your appointment with Dr. Chernoff to explore your options for breast augmentation and reshaping.

Super Friendly & Informative

Dr. Chernoff did my Breast Augmentation a day ago and I am already super happy with my results, after just one day! Also, his team is amazing and has always been super friendly and informative. I am super amazed by his work and will come back to him for all of my cosmetic needs. He is very good at what he does!

- A. Richards

Breast Augmentation Procedure in Santa Rosa

Breast augmentation in Santa Rosa is carried out under mild general anesthesia at a certified outpatient surgical center. The operation typically lasts about 2 hours. Dr. Chernoff employs a technique that involves making a discreet incision along the breast's lower fold. He favors this approach as the scar is virtually invisible once it has fully healed. Through this incision, a space is crafted either under the chest muscle or within the breast tissue itself. Dr. Chernoff then positions the implant beneath the muscle for a more natural-looking outcome. The chosen implant, in terms of both size and texture, is carefully placed into this space, and the incision is then meticulously sutured closed.

This method chosen by Dr. Chernoff aims to minimize scarring and ensures the incision line blends seamlessly with the breast's natural contour.

Finding the Perfect Breast Implant for You

The FDA oversees breast implants as they are medical devices designed for insertion under breast tissue or the chest muscle, either to enlarge breasts or replace breast tissue. Various breast implant options provide patients with natural-looking and feeling results.

In the U.S., patients can choose between two FDA-approved breast implant types: saline-filled and silicone gel-filled, both encased in a silicone shell. These implants differ in their size, shell thickness, texture, and shape. Dr. Chernoff will explore these options with you to determine the best implant type to fulfill your desires for breast enhancement.

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Getting Ready for Surgery

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, Dr. Chernoff advises all patients to go through our "Patient Guide for Plastic Surgery". This guide outlines crucial considerations for patients contemplating surgery.

What Outcomes Should You Anticipate Following Your Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Place your confidence in Dr. Chernoff for your breast augmentation in Santa Rosa. He is a surgeon with triple board certification in facial and reconstructive plastic surgery.

Following his medical education, he underwent eight more years of specialized training in breast enhancement methods. He integrates this expertise with a keen aesthetic sense and a focus on personalized care to deliver the best possible surgical outcomes.