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The nose is often considered the key to facial beauty. Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a “nose job,” ranks among the most popular and frequently conducted cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Greg Chernoff is recognized as one of the foremost experts in rhinoplasty, distinguished by his exceptional surgical prowess, advanced methods, and keen artistic sensibility. He delivers exceptional aesthetic outcomes for his patients through a distinctive blend of these attributes.

Dr. Chernoff specializes in a wide range of rhinoplasty techniques, such as traditional cosmetic rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty, preservation rhinoplasty, and revision rhinoplasty. He is renowned for his exceptional surgical results and outstanding patient care, drawing many patients for both standard rhinoplasty and complex revision rhinoplasty procedures. Understanding that each patient has distinct aesthetic objectives, Dr. Chernoff applies his vast experience and skill to craft personalized and attractive outcomes.

What Is Rhinoplasty and Who Is It For?

Rhinoplasty adjusts the nose to ensure it complements the face's overall shape, enhancing facial symmetry and balance. This involves reshaping the nasal bones and, depending on the individual's needs, reducing or reshaping the nasal cartilage to alter the nose's external appearance. Every patient has a unique nasal structure.

People of any age might feel dissatisfied with their nose's appearance, whether it's due to its shape or specific features like a hump they wish to eliminate. Rhinoplasty can refine and adjust the nose to achieve a more harmonious look with the rest of the face.

Common reasons patients seek rhinoplasty include:

  • Adjusting the nose's size
  • Modifying the nostrils, tip, or bridge's size or shape
  • Changing the nose's angle, whether it tilts upward or downward
  • Correcting a bulbous tip or a hooked appearance
  • Smoothing out a noticeable bump on the bridge

Dr. Chernoff often addresses inquiries about whether teenagers, particularly those aged 13 to 16, are suitable candidates for rhinoplasty. He counsels that at this age, the nose may not have fully developed to its adult dimensions, making rhinoplasty inadvisable at this stage. Additionally, a patient's emotional readiness and realistic expectations are crucial factors in deciding the right time for rhinoplasty. Dr. Chernoff will evaluate your suitability for the procedure during your consultation.

Rhinoplasty Procedure Details

Rhinoplasty is typically an outpatient surgery, conducted under twilight or general anesthesia. Dr. Greg Chernoff meticulously reshapes the nose by sculpting the skin, tissues, as well as the bone and cartilage underneath, to achieve the desired appearance. A tiny “W”-shaped incision is made at the nose's tip base, becoming virtually invisible within 1-2 weeks. For septoplasty, the incision is made inside the nose, ensuring it remains unseen externally.

To reduce the size of an overly large nose, Dr. Chernoff carefully removes excess cartilage. He can also adjust the direction of noses that tilt upwards or downwards by trimming the septum, which separates the nasal passages. Narrowing the nose's base involves removing skin from the nostrils' sides. Additionally, enhancing the nose's shape may involve adding tissue taken from the nasal septum or the patient’s ear.

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Sinus & Septoplasty

Endoscopic sinus surgery can be combined with a septoplasty to effectively alleviate chronic sinusitis symptoms in patients.

Getting Ready for Surgery

Before undergoing any surgical procedure, Dr. Chernoff advises all patients to review our "Patient Guide for Plastic Surgery". This guide outlines crucial considerations for patients contemplating surgery.

Recovery After Rhinoplasty in Santa Rosa

With the introduction of finer instruments and advanced diamond refining techniques, we can ensure minimal bruising, bleeding, and discomfort. There's no need for internal packing, but a flesh-toned, external fiberglass splint will be applied to the nose for ten days.

Right after the procedure, you might notice puffiness in your face. Bruising and swelling around the eyes and nose are common but should subside within a few days. Using cold compresses can help lessen swelling and alleviate discomfort. Typically, it takes between 10 to 14 days for the majority of the swelling and bruising to subside.

Using arnica before the procedure can be beneficial, and your preoperative nurse will go over Dr. Chernoff's suggestions with you. It's important to maintain your head in an elevated position and limit movement for the initial days post-surgery.

In the days following the surgery, it's essential to rest, engaging in light activities for brief intervals. Gradually, you can start to increase your level of activity, giving your body the chance to recover properly. It's crucial to avoid any impact to your nose during this recovery period. Returning to high-impact activities such as running or heavy lifting may take several weeks.

What Outcomes Should You Anticipate Post-Surgery?

Having conducted countless rhinoplasties, Dr. Chernoff is recognized as one of the foremost experts in rhinoplasty surgery. Attaining natural-looking outcomes demands a surgeon who possesses the right surgical qualifications, profound knowledge, ample experience, exceptional surgical prowess, and an eye for aesthetics. Dr. Chernoff brings all these essential qualities to ensure your procedure is successful from the start!