PART 3: Beginning Stages of a Neck Lift

This is Part 3 of Surgery with Dr. Chernoff in a four part video sectioned based on surgery area. Dr. Chernoff is performing total a brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and a face/neck lift.

Surgical contouring or liposculpting slims and reshapes specific problem areas by removing excess fat deposits. Our practice offers the safest and most effective methods for surgical liposculpting called Tumescent Ultrasound Laser Assisted Liposculpting. Dr. Chernoff has safely and effectively performed thousands of face and body contouring procedures. He uses a combination of endoscopic and advanced surgical techniques to promote rapid healing and recovery. Dr. Chernoff’s main goal is to provide patients with natural results and no sign of a cosmetic procedure after a neck lift in Indianapolis, Indiana or Santa Rosa, California.