Dr. Greg Chernoff discusses Gender Transformation

Hello I’m dr. Greg Chernoff and I’d like to talk to you about gender transformation. For the past 20 years I’ve been very involved in surgeries for either male to female transformations or the opposite female to male transformations. When you come in for a consultation will spend a tremendous amount of time listening to you, listening to what your path has been like, listening to what you’re wanting to achieve. From a female feminization standpoint, the most common combination procedure that I do for patients is the combination of a brow lift, because many men have bossing or fullness in the forehead at the time of your brow lift I’ll use a very fine diamond drill to sculpt down your skull underneath the tissue. At the same time then I will feminize your eyes, will feminized your nose by fitting the nose by giving it more of a of an aesthetically pleasing feminine appearance. Will then typically do a face neck lift for you and at that time if I need to use that same drill we can also sculpt your jawbone if it’s too prominent. Many men that have a prominent Adam’s apple, at the same time I can also then shave down your thyroid cartilage to make that less visible.

On a second session we will then look at what body procedures you’re wanting to have performed, and typically male to female transitions we will perform your breast augmentation for you we typically use the silicone gel implants and at the same time we will perform liposculpture, ridding you of any excess abdominal fat or love-handle fat. So, the concept of male to female transformation involves the combination of facial feminization and body feminization. This is a very common surgery that can achieve tremendous results for patients. This has been popularized a lot by Bruce Jenner’s transformation. Over the past 20 years this is now becoming much more I think accepted by society. When you come in for a consultation again we will help you with your long-term plan. From a male to female or female to male in masculinizing females there are many different procedures that we will also perform that give a more masculine appearance. Many times, this can involve silicone implants in the face to give a stronger jawline, we can also add bulk to the nose by performing fat transfers to the nose cartilage grafts to the nose to give a more masculine appearing nose as well. Many women who are going undergoing a male transformation will also undergo then fat transfer to different areas to add bulk or a breast reduction as well.

So, I look forward to meeting you as you go through your transformation we’re interested in 20 years with you and we have a very comforting and understanding staff that look forward also to being of service to you.