Dr. Greg Chernoff discusses Fat Transfer

Hello I’m dr. Greg Chernoff and I’d like to talk to you about fat transfer. This has become a very popular procedure for men and women. There’s no greener form of therapy than harvesting fat from a different part of your body, in most cases will do liposuction in women on their abdomen, hips, thighs and men we’ll do abdomen and love handles. We can then process that fat and we can store it and cryopreserve it. We perform the first fat transfer at the time of liposuction the most common areas for women that we will transfer the fat on the face would be the cheeks, the marionette lines, the lips. Many times women if they don’t have the form of their buttock that they want will perform a procedure called a Brazilian buttock lift. Where we very meticulously layer the fat back into the buttock to give a nice proportionate shape to the buttock. So, if you’re interested in fat transfer, I invite you to come in for a consultation where you can obtain more information, thank you.