Dr. Chernoff discusses the Expectations of Healing

Hello I’m dr. Greg Chernoff and I’d like to talk to you today about something that’s very common for patients during the healing time and that’s the expectations of healing. I see this very frequently after I perform nasal or rhinoplasty surgery. With a rhinoplasty oftentimes, we’re literally taking the nose apart and putting it back together. Our nose is typically or two-thirds cartilage one-third bone and so for many rhinoplasties we’re sculpting the bone we’re sculpting the cartilage because the healing bed is so small, swelling has nowhere to go and so prolonged swelling can last one year sometimes even two sometimes longer if this is not the first time you’ve had your nose operated on. So, I always recommend to patients to be patient, it’s hard to stay patient but listen to your treating surgeon your surgeon wants you to have a great result as well but you can’t control nor can your surgeon typically the length of time of your healing so you’re always welcome to come in for a consultation or visit us at drchernoff.com.