Skin Medica

Skin Refreshment Without Surgery

As we age, skin irregularities start to become a bit more regular. Growing older, we start to notice more fine lines among other age lines. In time, we also accumulate exposure and with it, damage from the sun such as pigmentation and freckling. Are you looking for a way to improve your skin without surgery?

What Is a Facial Peel?

Peels can help enhance the look of pigmentation, freckling, fine lines, light-to-moderate sun damage, scarring, acne, and large pores. Our specially trained staff and nurses offer a variety of distinctive peels that are based on how deep the specific formula penetrates the skin.

The peels we offer are categorized as follows:

Corrective Peel
Sensitive Skin Peel
Pigment Balancing Peel
Each peel formula has different ingredients that will determine on how deeply each is absorbed into the skin. Some other factors that dictate the solutions penetration include the time before the solution neutralizes and the number of layers that are applied to the surface of the skin.

A personalized solution for the individual patient is applied to their skin. This solution penetrates deep into the dermal layer of the skin and sometime over the next 14 days, the outermost layer of the skin may begin to peel off.*

This process speeds up the skin’s natural cell turnover so that healthier, more lustrous-looking skin can begin to rise up.

Our nurses can determine which peel can best match your type of skin and aesthetic goals.