Clear Skin Club

Join the Clear and Healthy Skin Club in Santa Rosa, CA

Are you tired of living with embarrassing or even painful acne and pimples? A membership in Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery’s Clear Skin Club can provide you with a regularly scheduled acne treatment and prevention program. Acne patients who receive regular effective care will see a dramatic improvement. It’s important not to miss treatments and to follow through with our initial treatment plan for 6 months to gain control of your breakouts and improve your skin for life!

The first step is to call our office in Santa Rosa and schedule a consultation. Dr. Greg Chernoff and his licensed aestheticians will discuss all possible treatment options and suggest what treatment plan is best for you.

I’ve Tried A Lot Of Acne Treatments And They Haven’t Worked, How Are Your Treatments Different?

Chernoff Cosmetic Surgery Center in Santa Rosa, CA provides a variety of acne treatment and preventive services. Dr. Chernoff will first diagnose the type of acne you have as the best treatment is dependent upon the type and severity of the acne.

All acne treatments are completed in the office with the exception of CO2 laser resurfacing which is performed in an outpatient surgery center.

These technologies along with Dr. Chernoff’s extensive experience and expertise allow our center to offer innovative and effective therapies. Our office has helped thousands of people improve their acne and compromised skin. The key to success is comprehensive plans that involve regular and customized treatments.

The comprehensive and effective therapies offered include:

Are The Treatments Affordable?

We offer a variety of treatment options at multiple price points to allow you to choose the best fit for you. Financing options are also available.